4 best places to Submit Your Podcast for free

Once you’re ready to launch your podcast series, your jingles are ready, your first episode has been produced, you need to find a place to host your episodes as well as create an RSS feed.

Few words about Syndicast

There are so many different platforms to host your podcast on but Syndicast stands out from them all. Why?

Through Syndicast not only can you host your podcast but with its automation you only need to upload the episode to their site and everything will be synced to iTunes, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Youtube and there are further extra options such as radio syndication where Syndicast searches your podcast or show radio station that willing to broadcast it. Besides all this, there is a premium service that delivers your content to the most popular streaming platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, Shazam, Pandora, iHeart and many others.

Of course, without the premium services you can still succeed although your online presence will be slower to develop, but no need to worry! Here are some hot tips of places where you can submit your podcast!

These places do not host podcasts. You must host media files and RSS feeds on your own web servers or use a third-party host such as Syndicast. You can then begin submitting your podcast using your RSS feed URL to the largest directories and apps.

What is a podcast feed?

A podcast feed is a URL to an RSS (rich site summary) in XML format. RSS is a technology for announcing updates to a website, and XML is a format for creating content on the Internet.

To publish a podcast on Apple Podcasts for example, use an aggregator such as Syndicast, hosting platform or create a website that generates a feed conforming to RSS 2.0. When you update the site that hosts your podcast, the RSS feed notifies Apple Podcasts that a new episode is available.”

There are 100s of directories but start with the four biggest to ensure good coverage across most of the places people get podcasts. They may vary because listeners use various devices on different operating systems such as Apple, Android, Microsoft, Linux.

Before submitting your podcast to a directory make sure your feed is valid and formatted for all podcast directories, you can use any of these:


itunes 4 best places to submit your podcast for free - Syndicast

1. iTunes / Podcasts app

Still the number 1 place for your podcast. most people use iTunes to find podcasts. If you only submit to one directory, this is the one. iTunes for the desktop and the Podcasts App for iOS are the number one places people find and listen to podcasts.

So many other podcast apps are connected to iTunes, so once you’re up on it your podcast will be listened to on other platforms such as Overcast, Podcast Addict, Pocketcasts, Downcast, Acast, iCatcher and more. They pull in your show automatically, you don’t have to go to each site to submit your podcast. It’s handled for you simply by being in iTunes.


Use Podcasts Connect to submit or remove your podcast on Apple Podcasts. An Apple ID that has been activated in the iTunes Store is required.

Apple Podcasts FAQ: http://itunespartner.apple.com/en/podcasts/faq


stitcher 4 best places to submit your podcast for free - Syndicast

2. Stitcher

It has been the longest running free podcast app on Android. Podcasts listed in the Stitcher Radio directory typically receive good download numbers.

To submit to Stitcher, go to partners.stitcher.com, create an account and get your show listed.

TuneIn 4 best places to submit your podcast for free - Syndicast

3, TuneIn

TuneIn – A blend of terrestrial radio, music and podcasts, TuneIn Radio provides users with a wealth of audio content.

Submitting here will also make your podcast available on the Amazon Echo.
To submit to TuneIn, simply fill out their https://help.tunein.com/contact/add-podcast-S19TR3Sdfform.

google-play-music 4 best places to submit your podcast for free - Syndicast

4, Google Play Music

I put Google Play Music to the last place because you can only submit your podcast from the USA. Stitcher is still the number one place for Android users but it’s worth being on Google Play Music as one of the biggest tech companies – Google  -is behind it.

To submit your podcast to the Google Play Music store, follow these steps:

Visit g.co/podcastportal

  1. Click the Get Started button and Login with your Google Account.
  2. Click “Add a Podcast.”
  3. Review the terms, and when happy hit “Accept.”
  4. Enter your podcast RSS feed address. (You can find this out from your podcast host i.e. Syndicast, Libsyn, Blubrry, Soundcloud etc)
  5. Check your email (this will be the email address registered in your RSS feed) and verify the ownership of feed.
  6. Click the “Publish Podcast” button and wait for Google to approve your podcast. (You will get an email to say it has been successful, normally 1-3 working days).