The mystery of painlessly submitting your podcast or radio show to Spotify has been solved.

Spotify, back in 2015 announced that it would be bringing podcasts to its famous streaming platform. However, despite this feature being launched, not much development has happened in the subsequent two years. Some podcasts have appeared on the platform but nothing more.  How to get your podcast featured on Spotify has become one of the great unanswered questions., with no information forthcoming from the music giant at all.

A couple of months ago, out of nowhere, Spotify published a form where you could submit your podcast. But we believe it’s a data-collection scheme designed to gather the data of content creators rather than simply giving them a way to submit their content. We manage the podcasts and radio shows of A-list artists with huge followings but we have never heard of anyone getting approved through it.

So, how do you get your podcast listed on Spotify?

1. You can submit your podcast to Spotify via this form and wait for a miracle. They made it clear they would be different to iTunes, where everybody could be listed.
I must say you do not really have a chance to jump on the bandwagon, unless you attract millions of listeners. Sad news, eh?
Spotify is primarily looking for these types of shows:

  • Those that appeal to millennials.
  • Those that contain evergreen content.
  • Those that are tech oriented.
  • Those that are storytelling in nature.

2. There is another way: if you produce your show differently. Speak between the tracks and hook up with a music distributor to deliver the whole pack to the platform. BUT, here comes the “worst” part: you must license every single track you have used in the episodes.
In the case of a weekly show, it seems you would need to employ a team to run it. Will it have been worth it in the end?

3. The third way is what most artists have been doing lately: create playlists of the episodes and publish them on Spotify. Well, it’s not the actual episode, so doesn’t not count in my point of view. The downside here  also is that you can only feature released music. But we all know that most shows and podcasts are full of unreleased tracks so… (that option’s off the table)

So, what is the solution then?

Don’t worry. We have good news. Syndicast has partnered up with one of the biggest distributors and we’re offering options to plug your podcast or radio show to Spotify: one of the biggest streaming platforms!

We not only deliver the episodes to Spotify but they could also be featured on iHeart Radio and Google Play. That’s not all! The best part is we’ll monetize the content with UPC codes and collect the royalties from the streamings.

Please note we only deal with properly produced electronic music radio shows and podcasts. Jingles, short speech segments, and of course the music, are essential.

Are you interested? Contact us for more details.