Welcome to the Syndicast Magazine, the blog, TV and newsroom for Syndicast / Blind Spot Music LTD, Syndicast produces & syndicates world-class radio programs and podcasts. We offer music promotion & syncing services for independent record labels. Syndicast delivers contents for radio stations & provides various audio services such as mastering & imaging..

Our company was born in 2010 and since then we deal with so many world famous as well as upcoming artists of all genres of the electronic music scene from Techno via House up to Trance.

Over the years we have built “the bridge between your music and the world” as we help artists, producers, djs and record labels to grow and reach more people around the world with their radio shows and podcast or releases and music.

We provide various services for artists, producers, djs and record labels such as radio syndication, music promotion, pre-release music promotion, jingle and audio productions, mastering, voice-over and many more.

On the other hand we are partnered with over 650 radio stations (in September 2017) and we deliver our contents to them and we work together side by side to make electronic music more popular around the world.

In this blog, we will share best practices about radio syndication, music promotion and audio production.

Beside these articles you can watch the episodes of the Syndicast TV that is bringing you the latest artist and electronic music news with interviews from some of the top dj’s in the industry.

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